Want An Easy Fix For Your Weight Loss? Read This!

Want An Easy Fix For Your Weight Loss? Read This!

Want An Easy Fix For Your Weight Loss? Read This!

Bulletproof coffee has received numerous claims that it provides health benefits in maintaining energy levels, mental focus, and aids in weight loss by preventing hunger. 

Caffeine has been used by some athletes as a pre-workout stimulant, as well as other benefits of enhanced thermogenesis and lipolysis. There are other benefits in caffeine such as antioxidants and there is some research that caffeine may play a role in preventing some chronic illnesses. 


‘it is what you add in your coffee that makes all the difference if you want to reap the benefits’

While I have tried bulletproof coffee, it has been very effective for appetite suppressant and energy levels, but I was searching for a coffee recipe with far less calories.

This is what I currently use thanks to Perfect Keto: https://shop.perfectketo.com/products/powdered-mct-oil-from-coconuts-for-keto-and-ketosis

1. Purchase coffee from local supermarket 

2. Buy xylitol from local health food store (optional)

3. Purchase MCT Oil Powder

4. Mix all ingredients, add boiling water and you’re good to go.

This is the perfect option if you’re a traveller, have a long drive to work, or a busy mum.

A free and effective strategy for weight loss is to add in high intensity training. Make sure you’re lifting weights 🏋️‍♀️ 

In general bulletproof coffee recipes includes 1-2 tablespoons of butter and 1 serving of Brain Octane Oil.

Ensure your adding good quality grass fed butter as it makes all the difference in taste. I enjoy Westgold New Zealand Butter and only add 1 tablespoon for 2 cups - minimise calories and saturated fat.

‘ You need quality fat in your diet but not too much’.


Brain octane oil is 

  • 100% caprylic acid triglycerides from coconut oil
  • Utilises fat for energy
  • Essential fatty acid
  • Does not store fat in the body
  • Helps with weight management by reducing your cravings and appetite
  • Improves absorption of fat soluble vitamins and some antioxidants

‘There is undoubtedly not enough scientific trials into the benefits or harms of bulletproof coffee’

  Your benefits of essential fatty acids

  • joint health
  • energy production
  • skin texture
  • muscle growth
  • aids in burning fat
  • improves insulin sensitivity

Read more information about Bullet Proof Coffee and recipe ideas at:



 Reach out to the Burn The Fat Community for Support and Guidance on Healthy Eating and Exercise.

http://www.burnthefatinnercircle.com/index.cfm? affID=Reviv%5FWear">Burn The Fat Inner Circle 

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Cover Photo by Santo Domingo Pexels

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