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  • 5 min read

    Common Issues That Women Have about Workout Clothing

    Suitable workout clothing can be hard to find, and with 4.4 million Aussie women in 2022 involved in fitness activities, this is no small concern.

    The global women's activewear market was valued at US$17.5 bn in 2022, and the demand for this category continues to grow.

    So, with all this investment and attention, the options should be great enough to cater to all women, right?
    Maybe not. Despite loads of options being available, there are some common issues that many women have about workout wear.

    However, all is not lost-with some effort, you can find athletic wear that may reduce or even eliminate such concerns.

    Unsupportive Sports Bras

    Even with a variety of options available for sports bras, many women find them disappointing. Some of them lack the padding and coverage needed to keep your breasts from moving too much.
    Others, on the other hand, have excessive padding that makes them heavy and uncomfortable to wear, especially on hot days.
    If your current sports bra is making you feel icky and sweaty, it is time for a change. An ideal sports bra should have the right amount of padding and be made of moisture-wicking fabric that absorbs sweat and keeps you cool. It should also prevent chafing.

    When shopping for bras, choose ones as per the intensity of your workout.
    Activities such as running or Zumba are high impact and will need a bra with more padding to prevent jiggling.
    A racerback bra or any other bra with high coverage will work well for such workouts.
    For medium impact activities such as cycling or brisk walking, a medium-padding bra can serve the purpose.
    Low impact activities such as yoga or stretching can be done with a lightly padded bra with thin straps and lower necklines.
    Another important consideration with sports bras is removable padding. You may want to remove the padding on warmer days or keep it for chillier ones.
    Or on some days, you may just have a preference for either option that you want.
    If padding is not your thing though, just go for regular sports bras.

    Visible Underwear

    Whether it is due to the material, the design or the color, many types of underwear tend to show especially when worn under fitting leggings or shorts.
    The tighter the fit, the more the chances of a fitness fashion faux pas.
    Hipsters designed for workouts are a versatile option to wear with workout gear or underneath other clothes. These knickers feature flat seams that won't show through, preventing any embarrassing moments.
    The material for this underwear is breathable, resists chaffing, and is moisture-wicking.
    Knickers that feel soft and keep you comfortable are winners all round, especially when they remain discreet.

    Tight Fits

    Few things are more annoying than returning sports tights or other workout clothes because they show off too much.
    It can be a big distraction if you have to worry about what everyone may see during an exercise session or be apprehensive about tearing a seam in the middle of an intense workout.

    Some women might even end up feeling like they have to dress like players from an NFL team. After all, many racks in clothing stores are filled with form-fitting outfits. However, know that there are alternatives.
    Generally, many kinds of athletic clothing tend to fit too tight around the waist and hips. These are the two of the most common problem areas, especislly for women who struggle with weight fluctuations.

    Stright-fit track pants and oversized t-shirts are excellent solutions if you want to indulge in activities that involve enough space around you, such as weight training or walking. You can exercise without feeling restricted by your choices.

    However, if you want to go for activities where clothes getting stuck may be a problem, such as yoga or cycling, fitted outfits might be your best option.

    If you choose fitted athletic wear, try to go for outfits that mix brighter colors and patterns with darker or more neutral shades for contrast. These are a better alternative to patterns that draw most of the attention to one area.

    No Pockets

    Workout leggings or shorts typically have no or tiny pockets. This makes it a problem to store phones, wallets, keys or other stuff. You either have to look for a gym locker or keep them around you all the time.
    Also, if you have to run errands after your session, the lack of pockets can prove inconvenient and frustration.
    Although not common, there are some workout pants that offer pockets. Choose the ones that offer two pockets which are of the same size and depth as those in regular pants.
    A bonus is workout pants that have pockets with zip closure, ideally on both sides.
    Workout Leggings

    Outdated Swimwear

    Discoloration, poor fitting and getting stretched out of shape are common with many cossies. Ill-fitting swim tops can lead to discomfort and, more importantly, inadequate support for various bust sizes.
    This can be particularly problematic during high-impact water activities like aqua aerobics or vigorous swimming. Similarly, loose swim bottoms might not provide sufficient coverage, leading to discomfort.
    However, newer swimwear features materials that ensure longevity.

    Many of the suits are made of neoprene, which resists stretching.

    Neoprene has a warming effect similar to wetsuits, which is useful when venturing into cold water.

    Another advantage that neoprene offer is better durability.

    Heavy or Uncomfortable Shoes

    While some shoes claim to have extra cushioning to increase comfort, they can feel heavy and restrictive. Some others can cause blisters, corn or pain when used for extended periods.
    When selecting shoes for workouts, one of the key factors is fit. Ideally get a recommendation from a fitter or shoe specialist on the right size and type of shoe for your feet.
    Research shows that many of the problems associated with shoes are eliminated by wearing the right-sized ones.

    In general, look for shoes that have a mixture of great cushioning and lightweight design.

    Limited Versatility

    One if the most common concern for extra-busy people is having gear that works for the office or job site (at least till the shower room) and the gym.
    Wearing leggings that resemble a nice pair of trousers and have workout-friendly features like muscle-compressing and moisture-wicking material will suit your exercise and work needs well.
    When you intend to go to work after your workout, moisture-wicking fabrics are your best mates. Most of these fabrics keep their shape so well that you don't need to worry about wrinkles. Whenever possible though, it is always advisable to change into another outfit after an intense workout session.


    In the ever-evolving landscape of activewear, it's essential to be a discerning shopper and consider both functionality and style. By addressing these common issues with a positive approach, you can not only enjoy fitness activities with greater comfort but also seamlessly transition from workouts to other daily responsibilities.
    With the right choices, the quest for the perfect workout ensemble can become an empowering journey towards both physical well-being and personal style.
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