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Sportswear Accessories

Revive Wear's Sportswear Accessories for a Healthy Lifestyle

There are so many accessories out there on the market, it can be difficult to know what is best for your needs. This list is about some of the most popular sportswear accessories, designed to help you get outdoors, stay active and live a healthy lifestyle.

1. Sportswear Jackets

If there is one thing that you should invest in this season, it’s a good sports jacket. You can wear it for running, cycling or just a general day out. The most important thing about a sports jacket is that it is lightweight, making it ideal for exercise. It is also important to find one that fits well and is comfortable to wear. There are many different styles and colors to choose from, so find the one that suits your personality and style.

Our Sportswear Jackets are perfect for those cooler days over a long sleeve shirt.

Our practical jackets are conveniently packable. Wind and rain resistant for outdoor sports or spectating. A hood is always a bonus, as is ventilation to help keep you cool when things get tough.  

2. Winter Hats a Perfect Fit for Sportwear

A good winter hat will keep your head and ears warm while you’re out in the cold. And, when it comes to sportswear, function is key. That’s why we’ve designed our hats to be as practical as they are stylish. Our range of hats will keep you warm while you’re running, skiing or just out and about in the winter chill.

Shop our 100% organic cotton and breathable lightweightwinter hats

3. Summer Hats the Best in Sportswear Style

A summer hat is a must-have for any sportswear enthusiast. Not only will it keep the sun out of your face and keep you cool, but it'll also add a touch of style to your look. We love ourwide-brimmed hats for the summer, as they offer the perfect amount of protection from the sun's rays. For a stylish and sustainable look, check out our 100% cottondenim visor. They're light and airy, perfect for a hot day.

4. Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Say hello to our Stainless Steel Water Bottle made from high-grade stainless steel. Its double-wall construction makes it perfect for storing both hot and cold liquids. What’s better than taking that first sip of a coffee in the morning, or having a swig of icy-cold water after a workout? Enjoy your drinks from an easy-to-carry, beautifully designed, reusable bottle!

Sportswear is a great way to be stylish and stay active. We have the accessories you need to complete your look, from sportswear jackets to winter hats, summer hats and stainless steel water bottles!