Sustainable Yoga Pants and Fitness Leggings at Revive Wear

With our great new designs that offer greater give than traditional leggings, you will love the generous 18% spandex composition.  More importantly, though the material does not give too much, and it quickly returns back to its original state, making sure these stay right where you want them for maximum comfort.

Very rarely do you come across a pair of yoga pants that are more than a desire, they are a need.  Well, that is the best way we can describe our four-way stretch fitness leggings, you don't want these you need these.  Spice up your activewear wardrobe with these amazing yoga pants and fitness gym leggings.  With a wide variety of amazing prints and patterns, your leggings will go from blah to wow overnight.

We are an Australian Sportswear Brand. Our products are printed and hand-made just for you, it is one of the ways that we make a positive difference in reducing waste.  

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