by Melissa Green September 21, 2018 2 min read

Using the right care for your sportswear wardrobe will benefit the environment, will provide your sportswear clothes looking fresher for longer and sustaining there durability. 

In this blog we will cover:

  1. How laundering your sportswear effectively will be beneficial for our environment.
  2. Simple tips on sustainable clothing care that you can start today.
  3. How to keep your leggings and tees in good condition for longer.
  4. Why sportswear fabrics require different laundering care.


Before we dive into the different types of fabrics, there combinations and properties. What do you use activewear for? High impact exercises, yoga, walking, indoors or outdoors, do you live in warm or cool climates, do you sweat easily, or do you simply enjoy wearing active wear all the time?

Spandex and Lycra

  • My favorite! It’s soft, expands and recoils to your shape, provides support, allows freedom of movement, breathable, moisture wicking, cooler fabric, and dries quickly. 
  • Machine washable, avoid chlorine bleach and line dry.
Machine washable                    Do not bleach                   Line dry


    Flourishing Yoga Leggings, so soft and fits perfectly.

    Women's Flourishing Yoga Leggings


    • Durable, stain resistant, wrinkle resistant, lightweight, breathable, and repels UV rays.  But polyester is not quick drying and fosters bacterial growth.
    • Machine washable, tumble dry, will not shrink on low heat.


    Summer Hat - wide brim bucket hat in pink

    Devine Summer Hat

    • Good for low impact workouts. Warm material, sturdy, breathes well, absorbs moisture - but doesn’t necessarily pull moisture away from the skin.
    • To prevent shrinkage do not wash in high degrees. Avoid tumble drying.
    • Turn your clothes inside out to prevent colors fading when line drying.

    Low temperature wash                                            Line dry



    • Made from plastic and contains water resistant properties as the moisture evaporates on the surface of the fabric. May be beneficial for high intensity training, excessive sweating and humid climates.

    Recycle Polyester

    • These materials contain recycled materials. 
    • Machine wash. Recycled materials tend to become stiff post washing. Add fabric softener in the end cycle to prevent stiffness to material. Line dry.

                                  Cozy Sweatshirt made from organic materials with gorgeous emblem

                                                  Organic Sweatshirt

    Sustainability in activewear laundering - what you can do:

    1. Use washing machines that have a good energy rating, saving water.
    2. Wash your clothes in cold water.
    3. Buy plant based detergents.
    4. Line dry clothes.

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