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What type of active wear fabric will benefit you?

What type of active wear fabric will benefit you?

What type of active wear fabric will benefit you?

How does active wear effect how you feel, whether you love to workout or simply enjoy wearing active wear on a daily basis?

The type of fabric in active wear can make all the difference in comfort, support and sensation of enjoyment. The type of fabric you choose in active wear will depend on the climate, what type of exercise you perform, your sweat factor and body temperature. Also you may like to consider the ease of the laundering aspects and the maintenance of the fabric.

We will list here our main fabrics in our active wear range and how they can benefit you in making an informed decision on what products are most beneficial to you.

Leggings, Shorts and Sports Bra

Combined fabrics include polyester and spandex. 

Polyester is an extremely strong synthetic fibre that is wrinkle resistant, quick drying, durable and provides insulation. Great for cooler weather. Down side is that the fabric does not breath well. 

Spandex is a synthetic fibre that is light weight, soft and smooth, wicks moisture, breathable, provides additional support, can expand nearly 600% of its size and recoil to its previous shape. This fabric is great for people who sweat, aids in removing moisture from your skin, and cools your body to maintain comfort.

The benefits of these products is that they feel soft and smooth, are squat proof, maintains shape, the shorts do not ride up during cardio, supports different body types, and are easy to care and maintain.



High Waisted Women's Floral Workout Leggings

Tops and Tees

Tops and Tees that are made from cotton are natural fibres which provides softness and comfort. These natural fibres can withstand high heat, bleach and other detergents. Cotton breaths well and absorbs water, so this fabric is great for people who sweat, run higher body temperatures, or live in humid climates. Downside to cotton is that it wrinkles easily and is slow to dry. 

Polyester tops and tees are most suitable for day to day wear, low energy workouts such as stretching and walking, aids in insulation or for cooler climates.

Women's V-Neck Perfect T-Shirt

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