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How to Make Workouts Feel Easier Drinking Coffee

by Melissa Green February 15, 2022 5 min read

How To Make Workouts Feel Easier
Drinking Coffee

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Coffee provides health benefits in maintaining energy levels, mental focus, and aids in weight loss by suppressing appetite.

Caffeine has been used by some athletes as a pre-workout stimulant, as well as other benefits of enhanced thermogenesis and lipolysis. There are other benefits in caffeine such as antioxidants and there is some research that caffeine may play a role in preventing some chronic conditions.

In this blog you will learn:
  • How Coffee can improve your speed and performance.
  • How to stay focused and increase your energy levels.
  • Find out if coffee really does burn fat.
  • What role does coffee play in reducing post exercise muscle soreness?
  • What is the best time to consume coffee prior to working out?
  • Potential risks and side effect of coffee and what can you do to minimize these effects.

Can You Use Coffee As A Pre-workout Drink?

Pre-workout drinks are considered as a booster to enhance your physical performance and escalating energy level.
People use many pre-workout drinks but they are not sure whether it will pass the criteria of effectiveness.
Coffee is considered one of the most authentic drinks that you can use as your pre-workout as it is likely to produce optimistic results. Being rich in caffeine, it is likely to produce multiple positive outcomes like enhancing a person's performance, boosting their cognitive functioning, and potentially accelerating the burning of fat.

How Coffee Improves Speed and Performance

Coffee helps you to increase your speed of running during your workout
Research studies have shown that coffee helps to improve your speed that lasts 45 seconds to 8 minutes. Caffeine supplements are likely to have a major impact on the speed performance as well as resistance performance, such as push ups, squats and sit-ups. With these two performances, you will likely improve your workouts, become agile and burn more calories.

Coffee Helps You To Stay Focused

Being rich in caffeine and anti-oxidants, its stimulating effect helps you to stay focused during your workouts.
Coffee is beneficial not only just for morning workouts but also for those who take an afternoon dip of workout. A cup of pre-workout coffee helps you focus on your sets and reps more frequently. Some research studies have shown that it is likely to increase your tolerance and endurance levels during workouts which benefits your performance and calorie burning.
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Coffee May Aid In Energy Levels

Many people face the problem of early mornings, while others complain of lower energy levels.
People who struggle with their lower energy levels in the morning during a workout would benefit from coffee as a pre-workout supplement. Coffee helps them to stay alert physically and mentally. Hence, they can easily focus on their workouts without any sluggishness and harvest more results.

The caffeine and anti-oxidants present in coffee not only increases your physical performance but also boosts your mental functioning. When cognitive states work better, then your concentration levels are improved, alertness becomes more define, energy levels are augmented, and fatigue is alleviated. These functions help you to become mentally alert and vigilant.

Will Coffee Speed Up Fat Burning?

When coffee is consumed as a pre-workout drink, it causes the fat cells in your body to be used as fuel cells instead of glycogen.
Coffee is likely to play an optimal role in raising your metabolism which in turn increases calorie burning. Other stimulants present in coffee like theobromine, theophylline and chlorogenic acid may help to mobilize fat from the fat cells.
When calorie burnout is increased to a certain extent and fat cells are mobilized in the body, then weight is lost to a certain extent.

Does Coffee Reduce Muscle Soreness?

Coffee consumption as a pre-workout drink may help to reduce perceived exertion and muscle pain to a significant level.
Although it is not a magical antidote to your muscle soreness, but research studies have revealed the positive outcomes of coffee on delayed muscle onset soreness. Still, it is not clear whether it is a physical or mental effect or a combination of both.

When To Take Coffee As A Pre-workout Drink

Scientific Studies Say The Best Time To Consume Coffee Is 45-60 Minutes Prior To Your Workout.
There are still some queries regarding the timing of coffee consumption before a workout.
Caffeine is quickly absorbed from the stomach within 45-60 minutes of consumption and then it reaches at its peak of effectiveness which is likely to produce significant results. It is found that on average a cup of coffee contains roughly 100mg of caffeine and consuming two cups of coffee before a workout provides you with the accurate amount of caffeine which will boost your performance and physical activity.
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Which Type Of Coffee Should You Use

Choose from the following list your preferred coffee to give you the best outcome.
  • Instant coffee
  • Brewed coffee
  • Espresso
  • Black coffee
Be aware not to add dairy products to your coffee, which is not associated with any negative outcomes, but is likely to add a small number of calories.
If you are aimed at loosing weight during your workout, then black coffee would be your best option. Also try to avoid sugary supplements and flavorings that are high in calories if your destined to loose weight.

Risks and Side Effects of Coffee

Some people are sensitive to caffeine. They are likely to face negative results. We provide some suggestions in reversing these negative side effects.
  • Upset stomach: drinking coffee on an empty stomach is likely to cause stomach pain in some people. They should avoid using it if they are too sensitive. Otherwise, they must wait longer between drinking coffee and workout or they should go with less quantity of black coffee.
  • Insomnia and anxiety are the other significant problems with those who are sensitive to coffee. They consume coffee to increase their physical performance but in turn get anxiety and difficulty in sleeping which hinders muscle recovery. They should be careful with coffee consumption and the time of day.


In a nutshell, coffee is considered an amazing pre-workout drink.
Coffee is an effective pre-workout drink for a plethora of people who have a problem in motivation, having difficulty in concentration, have problems with muscle soreness and complain of reduced physical performance.
Consuming coffee 45 minutes prior to a workout will help it to reach its optimal level.
Certain risks are associated with its consumption. Hence, people who are sensitive to its dosage must avoid it or use it in diluted form to stay on a safer side.


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Vento T 2013. Burn the fat, feed the muscle: transform your body forever using the secrets of the leanest people in the world. Harmony NY. 
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