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  • 5 min read

    Your Top Tips On How To Build
    A Fun Circuit Routine Anywhere

    This is what you will learn in our blog:
    • What is a Circuit Training Routine, and why you need it.
    • How to Perform a Simple 15 Minute Circuit.
    • How to Create a Fun Circuit Routine Anywhere.
    • How to Choose Exercises Wisely.
    • Organising your Upper and Lower Body Workout Stations.
    • Pro Tips for Success.

    What Is Circuit Training?

    Do you know what circuit training is? Well, the idea is simple and easy, and it explains in a way that the exercises are done continuously without any rest or very little time between them. It usually consists of different types of exercises while keeping the heart rate up and focusing on multiple parts of your body.

    Why Should You Have A Circuit Training Routine

    If you are skeptical about having a circuit training routine, then you must know the benefit that it offers. A perfect training routine will tone your body and will help you attain the desired body goal that you have.

    Let's talk about some of the benefits.

    • The first thing about having a circuit training routine, is that it is perfect time-efficient. You will no longer have to rush to the gym or have a Trainer for daily workout sessions. You can easily enjoy work out at home with your circuit training routine.
    • There is no limit for the place and time. Now there will no longer be any excuses for working out at a particular place. The good thing is that the circuit routine can be done anywhere and anytime. And it does not require you to have any machines for working out.
    • More fun and less boring. The circuit routines are comparatively more fast-paced, and you can tune them up as per your requirement. This not only increases your interest but also makes it even more fun.
    • Do you know what else fun is? Dressing up for working out gives you a purpose and motivation. Why don't you shop our sportswear for some cute activewear options?

    A Simple 15 Minute Circuit Routine

    If you are not planning to spend a lot of time working out at the gym, you can easily have a circuit routine of only 15 minutes. It should include squats for the lower body station and push ups as well as tricep dips for the upper body. You can also have reverse lunges and sit-ups for core stations. Lastly, you should include 10 high knees along with 10 burpees to complete the cardio station.

    How To Create Your Fun Circuit Routine

    Start with choosing the time limit and the number of rounds.

    The first thing that you have to make sure of is the time limit that you have. The circuit can range from only 10 minutes to over 45 minutes. It all depends upon the time duration that you want to spend working out. Most of the exercises and the stations can be of 10 minutes, whereas you can take at least 15 to 30 seconds to break in between each station.

    The time limit will help you understand the number of rounds that you can do in a particular routine.

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    Choosing Exercises Wisely

    Now is the time that you choose exercises for every different station individually. It all depends upon the focus area along with the time that you have.
    To burn the most amount of calories within a short but intense workout, include 30 seconds of cardio followed by either upper or lower body weights.
    If you want to maximize calorie expenditure during and after your workout, ensure you include weight lifting sets of heavy weights. For example: include 3 sets of weights or 3 sets of repetitions. Start by using light weights and by your 3rd set lift heavy weights or increase your repetitions.
    Learn More

    Upper Body Station

    The upper body station will usually consist of several different exercises, including Shoulder Press and push-ups. You can also perform the tricep dips that are excellent choice and have a greater impact on the overall upper body. The bicep curls and the bent-over rows are also popular among the people for the upper body station.

    Lower Body Station

    Now for the lower body station, you have to choose an exercise that focuses on the lower body. You can choose from squats and walking lunges. The dead left and step-ups are also great additions. The glute Bridge can also be done, and it is highly impactful.
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    Compound Exercises

    Now you will have to choose an exercise that not only focuses on the upper body and lower body individually, but it focuses on the overall body movement. You can choose between jumping lunges and mountain climbers. Burpees are a great addition to your routine as well.
    You can also add sprinting to your routine. It will be the perfect addition, especially for the cardio station. The cardio exercises include running and jumping rope. You can also do cycling and stair climbing for at least 1 minute in your routine. Jumping Jack is also great.

    Your Home Workout Routine

    Warm up is mandatory. Perform exercises without weights before beginning your routine.

    Set 1: 30 Seconds Jumping Jacks.
    12 Reps Shoulder Press, rest, 10 Reps Shoulder Press, rest 8 Reps Shoulder Press. Repeat 3 times.

    Set 2: 30 Seconds Burpees.
    Wide Squat then stand for Hammer curl. Start with 12 Reps, then 10 Reps and 8 Reps. Repeat 3 rounds.

    Set 3: 45 Seconds High Knees.
    Forward Lunge with holding a weight at waist level, turn to the same side as the lunging leg and squeeze your abs. Repeat 10 reps per side. Repeat 3 rounds.

    Set 4: 45 Seconds Butt Kicks.
    10 Reps Single Leg Dead Lift, weights are optional. Repeat 3 rounds.

    Now Rest 30-60 Seconds

    After this one round, you can rest and cool down for a bit. Don't worry; you earned it! After a brief rest, you can start working out again. But before, have some water and rest yourself properly before you start another round. Try not to increase the rest period from more than one minute.

    Pro Tips

    Before you start your circuit routine every day, you must warm up. Stretching is important before you start your rigorous circuit routine. You can also start with some jumping Jacks. Push-up and squats are great warm-up sessions as well.

    Have water with you. Make sure when you are preparing for your circuit training routine, you should have a bottle of water with you. It is for when you take a rest after one complete round of circuit routine.

    Music can be an important component to keep your circuit training even more fun. When you are turning up the music and playing some motivational tracks, you will feel a lot more motivated towards enjoying the routine. Sometimes you might end up doing several rounds. Music will develop a bit more interest and will keep you motivated.

    Final Words

    So, are you ready to have your very own circuit training routine? Well, get ready to have your circuit routine. Achieve your perfect fitness goal with the easy and super exciting circuit routine. You no longer have to pay for the gym and an individual trainer; instead, you can achieve your fitness-related goals at home with just minimal effort and limited time.
    We love hearing from our readers. Leave us your thoughts.

    15-Minute Circuit Training Routine

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