5 Reasons Why You’re Not Loosing Weight

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Loosing Weight

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Loosing Weight

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Intake of too many calories. It is not possible to lose weight without a negative energy balance. You either need to eat less calories, exercise or both. The optimal nutrition plan to treat obesity should be safe, nutritious, culturally acceptable, affordable, to ensure long term compliance. You should enjoy your meals, so choose nutrition based on your food likes instead of following diet fads. Try restricting your calorie intake at 10% then review. If you reduce your calorie intake too far, then this will have a negative effect on your muscle mass and strength. Try this calculator for safe weight loss.


Not lifting weights. Exercise is an important adjunct for weight loss. Lifting weights prevents loss of muscle mass, enhances to burn more calories and it deters hunger. Other important benefits of lifting weights involve bone density, balance, helps to control joint and muscle pain.

Alcohol intake. Alcohol contains empty calories, meaning they do not have any nutritional value. The liver will process the alcohol before metabolising nutrition, leaving your body with impairment of absorbs nutrients. Excessive glucose and lipids will end up as adipose tissue. This does it necessarily mean you cannot enjoy your glass of red, but limit the occasions otherwise this will set back your weight loss.

Not drinking enough water. Being well hydrated prevents overeating, fights illnesses, essential for bodily function, prevents kidney damage, lubricates joints, gets rid of toxins, clearer thought processes, enhances healthy skin, moistens the mouth and may prevent tooth decay, and may enhance exercise performance. There are various fluid intake calculators available. For most, daily fluid intake is measured on your weight, height and activity level.


Not eating enough protein. Protein aids in boosting the metabolism, reduce cravings, preserves muscle mass, builds and repair tissues, hair, skin, enzymes and hormones. Protein requirements will depend on your fitness level, age, height and weight. Try to choose low fat protein sources and     monitor the serving size. Here is one of the many protein calculators.


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