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by Melissa Green September 13, 2019 2 min read

What are weight loss plateaus and how do you know if you are really experiencing a plateau?

A weight loss plateau is defined as no further weight loss for a certain period of time. After a period of consistent weight loss and change in body appearance, your feeling and emotions are elevated, then weight loss halts. You may be questioning: why is this happening? Although you believe that you have been consistent with your exercise and nutrition strategies. But have you?

Roberts claims that true weight loss plateaus unlikely occur within 6 months of dieting. You may have daily changes to your weight loss from hydration, sodium intake, medications and menstrual cycles.

At the beginning or within the first few weeks you may have experienced rapid weight loss which may be water loss, that may be directly related to the type of foods incorporated within your new nutrition plan, new exercise regime or any other restrictions applied.

One does have to question, how do you monitor your weight loss efficiently? Do you rely on weigh scales and how often do you weigh yourself? Or do you use accurate measurements? Or perhaps you take weekly photos.

Answer these questions to find out if you really are in a weight loss plateau:

1 Have you been tracking your calories and macronutrients consistently?

2 Have you adjusted your calories and macronutrients since you have lost weight?

3 Have you changed your exercise routine?

4 Have you been restricting your calories or dieting for too long?

 Laure, K outlines tips to overcome your weight loss plateau:

# re-adjust your calorie diet take.

# focus on quality whole foods, no processed foods.

# change up your workouts, include high intensity training and lift heavy.

# maintain quality sleep.

# monitor your fluid intake as even mild dehydration can affect your weight loss progress.

Above all, ensure you have support whether that be your partner, friends, or social groups. Remember you’re not alone and never give up!

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Thanks to Larue K from https://blog.myfitnesspal.com and Roberts S.B from https://www.psychologytoday.com/au/blog/the-instinct-diet/200903/plateaus-why-they-happen-and-how-get-through-them

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