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How to choose active wear fabric that is right for you?

How to choose active wear fabric that is right for you?

How to choose active wear fabric that is right for you?

Before we dive into the different types of fabrics, there combinations and properties. What do you use active wear for? High impact exercises, yoga, walking, indoors or outdoors, do you live in warm or cool climates, do you sweat easily, or do you simply enjoy wearing active wear all the time?

Nylon or Spandex

My favourite. It’s soft, expands and recoils to your shape, provides support, allows freedom of movement, breathable, moisture wicking, cooler fabric, and dries quickly. 


Durable, stain resistant, wrinkle resistant, lightweight, breathable, and repels UV rays.  But polyester is not quick drying and fosters bacterial growth.


Good for low impact workouts. Warm material, sturdy, breathes well, absorbs moisture - but doesn’t necessarily pull moisture away from the skin.


Made from plastic and contains water resistant properties as the moisture evaporates on the surface of the fabric. May be beneficial for high intensity training, excessive sweating and humid climates.


Natural fibre that is soft, light weight, breathable, repels odour, reduced moisture retainment, and has ultraviolet protection factors.


Aids in regulating heat by trapping air, breathable, does not retain odour, and wicks moisture.



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